Study Courses

Learning how to learn coursesWe offer a range of courses to teach students learning skills, catering for primary ages on up. Students as young as 7 can begin learning effective study skills with the Learning How to Learn Course.

As the young student matures and becomes more proficient, they can progress onto the Basic Study Manual, gaining a solid grasp of how to study effectively and understand any subject. These are skills students will use for the rest of their lives.

Teachers and Tutors

For teachers and tutors we offer a range of courses to equip them with the needed knowledge and tools to attain real success with their own students.

Parenting CoursesParents

For parents, a range of courses are also available, to provide them with the needed tools to help their children with their studies. Also for parents is the How to Live and Work with Children Course to assist in caring for and raising a child.


We also offer a range of Life Skills Courses for teenagers to enable them to understand and be more in control of certain subjects, such as manners (Introduction to Manners Course), morals (The Way to Happiness Course), integrity (Integrity and Code of Honour Course), money (Money and Exchange Course) and drugs (The Drug Book Course).

Specialised Courses

More specialised Life Skills Courses are also available for subjects such as research (Beginning Observations and Research Skills Course) and art (Professional Basics for an Artist Course). A full list of all Life Skills Courses is available on request.

Learning how to studyStudy Technology

At the heart of all we do at the Effective Education Centre is the Study Technology of Mr. L. Ron Hubbard. This is of paramount importance, as it is this that enables us to achieve the results we do and help children and adults attain a higher standard of education.

The Study Technology provides both students and teachers with precise knowledge and tools to recognise and effectively deal with the underlying causes of study difficulties. Put simply, the Study Technology teaches one how to learn and truly understand any subject and be able to put it to use.