Free Learning Skills Testing


Tests are used to establish a student’s level in the key areas of Reading, English and Maths.

The tests are professionally designed by specialist institutions.The tests were given to a cross-section of children and teenagers within the United Kingdom in order to discover national averages. The tests provide us with an accurate indication of a child’s ability in relation to other children of the same age, in other words, whether they are above or below average.

The results of these tests not only provide valuable information as to a student’s general ability, but also can reveal exact areas of strength and weakness.

freetesting-pic2This then, combined with information provided by parents and students, enables staff and tutors to accurately recommend an individual programme of tuition and/or courses.

We do also offer reasoning tests for children up to the age of twelve for a small fee. These provide additional information as to a child’s intelligence and learning potential.

An appointment can be made for testing any time within our opening hours.