Students Results

Testimonials from Students

“We are very pleased to inform you that L…. passed his 11+ assessment in all three schools he applied for!!  We want to thank you (Effective Education Centre) for providing him with all the tools, skills and knowledge he needed.  Your exceptional teachers and outstanding approach to learning is second-to-none. Thank you . You are awesome!”L family.

“My time at Effective Education was great! Everyone there is very friendly and welcoming. They made me feel at ease very quickly. The tutor I had was excellent. He had a different approach to teaching that really worked for me and no matter how many times he had to explain something that I didn’t understand, he would do it over and over, not getting frustrated with me, and made me feel like I knew what I was doing, filling me with confidence.
Recommending Effective Education is one of the easiest recommendations I have ever made. They are amazing in everything that they do. I’m going to miss attending my tutoring sessions.
Thanks for everything.”  MV -Yr13 Imberhorne School

“The Effective Education Centre was excellent in helping me to consolidate my knowledge before my exams. Each of the tutors is highly knowledgeable, approachable and skilled. They take every effort to accommodate students needs  and provide the highest level of service.  I would  hasten to recommend these tutors to anyone wishing to get the best grades possible regardless of skill, experience and age.”  James P

“A big thank you to Stephen and the EEC for helping me over the last year in order to achieve my goals. Before the tutoring I didn’t feel confident in certain areas of maths, but with Stephen’s guidance I have built the foundations for a greater understanding.” L.B. Adult/Nurse

“I used the Effective Education Centre whilst studying for my AS level English Literature retake and A2 English Literature exam. With the help from my tutor, Margaret, I was able to get my predicted grades and get into my first choice university. I found my experience at the Centre very enjoyable and that the staff were always more than willing to help out. Margaret was always very friendly and really passionate about her subject, making me want to work harder to achieve my grades. I would really recommend them to anyone who wanted some extra help and support. Thanks again for everything. :)” Student O.H. 

“The two courses that I have taken at the Centre have been very helpful to me. I know how I can apply what I have learnt and I plan to go out into the world brighter and much happier so I can do better.”  Student C.M. Age 16

“I really feel that I can apply what I have learnt on the course and think that it has amazing life principles that are really useful to know about. I recommend this course to everyone and I hope it changes your life just how it has changed mine.” Student J.S. Age 16

“I worked hard on this course. Even before I had finished the course had a good effect on myself and those around me.” Student R.K. Age 15

“I can honestly say that before my grammar tutoring I was unconfident and the chances of me getting into the School I wanted were very slim. A week later I passed the exam with flying colours. I am so grateful for what the Effective Education Centre has done for me.” Student S.S. Age 14

“My Maths teacher could not explain things well at school and since coming to the Centre I have more confidence and a better understanding of what I am doing in the subject.” Student Z.P. Age 16

“I hated Science with a passion and after getting tuition at the Centre, I really enjoy it now. I have learned more in 3 lessons than two years at school.” Student F.P. Age 15

“Since I have been coming to the centre I am now a magician at reading, maths and taking away and I haven’t gotten one mistake at school because I have learnt so much.” Student R.H. Age 7

“I finished the Learning How to Learn Course. It has helped me a lot. It has helped me understand words and I really want to learn new words.” Student P.Y. Age 9

“Learning is meant to be fun, not a nightmare. Since being at the Centre it has changed my point of view on learning. I always hated reading but now I love it.” Student S.A. Age 15

“When I walked through the Centre’s doors all I wanted to do was some tutoring to fill up my holidays. Instead, by the end of this course I have found out why I myself have struggled with mild dyslexia all my life! I have found out why I have performed below my expectations in my final year at school. This course has given me a renewed excitement about going to university next year. And has given me confidence and the aptitude to study and learn better.” Student J.G. Age 18

“I like my tutor. She helps me very much. It is the best Centre in the whole wide world.” Student A.K. Age 8

“I like the Learning How to Learn book, I think it has good ideas. I like this place a lot I am glad I am coming. It has helped me with my reading and lots more.” Student L.M. Age 10

“I like reading since I have started coming to the Centre. I am good at it now. It is fun coming here!” Student S.J. Aged 6

Testimonials from Parents

“We are pleased to inform you that our son has been admitted to an independent school of his choice for year 7 in 2016. He successfully passed the entrance assessment tests in three schools. In all the assessments the schools were very commendable of his performance. We would like to thank the “Effective Education Centre” for preparing him for the assessment exams. He has become very confident in his writing, use of vocabulary and maths. The centre has really brought out the best him and we are grateful. The tutors are fantastic, committed and their approach makes learning fun. I highly recommend the Centre and can’t wait for my younger one to start. Thank you.” Mr and Mrs A.

“First, I wanted to thank Stephen for his work with K. in preparation for her Maths and Science (Physics) GCSEs. She felt that she learned as much in the few weeks she spent with him as she did during the whole two years previously. She passed her Maths and got an A and a B for her Physics which enabled her to get A for both Science exams – much to her surprise!  So please pass on our thanks to him – the tuition with him made all the difference.  I’d also like to thank you and Gerardine for being so friendly and helpful.” Parent of GCSE Student

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to you and your team there at the Effective Education Centre. In the 2 months that you looked after our son you managed to turn things around for him. There was a good chance that he was not going to do very well at all in his GCSE’s. We took some advice and we were given your details. With a little reluctance at first he came to see you. Very quickly he realised that you were going to be able to help him. We saw straight away that his confidence grew and he started putting a lot of work into his revision timetable.

“He took all of his exams. He achieved a pass in the 3 subjects he needed. This has given him the chance to leave school and start the apprenticeship that he wanted to get. He started this week and starts college next week. He is very happy and so are we.

“Once again thank you. None of this would have been possible without your help.” S.B.

“We have nothing but praise for the Effective Education Centre. My son (16) is preparing for his GCSEs and within a matter of weeks was put up to the very top class in Science. Tutoring at the Effective Education Centre has given him a lot more confidence in both his school work and in himself.” Mother M.G.

“My son has attended the Effective Education Centre for 3 months and already his school teachers have said he is much happier and more focused on his work. He is now taking more interest in learning and is so much better and more confident in reading at home.” Mother L.S.

“As a result of the tuition received at The Effective Education Centre, my son’s confidence has increased and his ability to illustrate and produce a book review improved to the extent that he was selected for the finals for Waterstones Bookshop.” Father J.F.

“As a result of the tuition my son is doing at the Centre, I am so proud of what he is achieving and he now has merits in English and has moved into a higher group and is achieving successfully. The staff are caring and care purely about the student and helping to build up confidence where confidence has been lost.” Mother M.B.

“After only one week’s attendance at the Centre my son’s teachers commented on his marked improvement in recognising the letters of the alphabet and his reading. Another month on and my son is showing more confidence in his ability to read and readily reads aloud. He has more confidence and self-esteem and takes pride in relaying his achievements at school; i.e. writing stories and reading books on his own.” Mr. & Mrs. S.