Effective Learning Skills Test Questions

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Fill in your answers in the spaces provided on the test form. Consider your most recent studies when answering these questions.

If the answer is yes or mostly yes, check the box in the Y column.
If the answer is maybe or sometimes, mark the box in the M column.
If the answer is no or mostly no, check the box in the N column.

The questions on this test can be answered from the point of view of your studies in general or in regard to a specific subject.

Please specify which one below:
  Specific Studies:
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1. Do you ever find yourself feeling blank after reading?
2. Do you get headaches or eye strain from studying?
3. Do you find your studies very confusing?
4. Do you have a definite purpose when you begin studying a subject?
5. Is it easy to grasp what the author is talking about when you read?
6. Is studying ever accompanied by an upset stomach?
7. When you study a subject do you establish the basics and learn those well before going on to the more advanced or complex parts of the subject?
8. Do you forget all about what you studied after the exam?
9. When you take up something to read, do you ever put it down before the end?
10. Do your studies directly relate to your current interests or career?
11. In studying some subject which involves an activity, have you reached a point where the activity feels too difficult?
12. When you study before a test, do you just memorize information rather than also try to really understand it?
13. Do you tend to daydream while you’re supposed to be studying?
14. Have you stopped studying subjects because they were “dull”?
15. Do you ever get the feeling that you are reeling or swaying like you are about to fall over while you are studying?
16. Is there really nothing in the subject being studied that you don’t already know?
17. Do you use a dictionary to look up the meanings of a word you don’t know rather than figure it out from the context?
18. Are you studying something which you can use in life or use at all?
19. If you miss a day of class, a lecture or some instruction which is part of a course you are taking, do you make sure to find out the information and procedures that were covered in what you missed?
20. Do you frequently do diagrams or models of some part of a subject you are studying?
21. Do you sometimes feel tired when you study even though you have actually had enough sleep?
22. Do your studies ever seem that they will have nothing to do with your life?
23. Are the actions involved with a subject you are studying laid out in a step-by-step way that you follow, in sequence?
24. Are you studying by your own choice rather than because someone else wanted you to?