One to One tutoring, reading lessonsThe tuition we provide is usually on a one-to-one basis, but can also be given to small groups of two or three.

A wide range of subjects are on offer, catering for primary, secondary, further and higher education. Tutors are available not only for all usual subjects, but also certain specialist subjects.

Experienced Tutors

Many of our tutors are experienced school teachers and all have had additional training in the educational tools employed by the Effective Education Centre. This additional training is a major advantage for both tutors and their students.

Learning skills improvement

It is these techniques, not just their specialist knowledge of a subject, that enable our tutors to help their students truly understand and be able to apply the subject in front of them.


We also have tutors who are trained specialists in phonics. Phonics is a method of teaching reading that is based on phonetics, the science of speech sounds. Phonics teaches that letters and combinations of letters represent specific sounds.

Many children (and adults) have problems with reading and spelling simply because they have not been taught to read using phonics, or have not been taught phonics correctly.

Phonics reading method

This can be remedied with an individual programme to teach the exact areas that have been missing.

Our tutors are very friendly and will talk to parents regularly to keep them informed of progress.

All tuition is done on-site and parents are welcome to sit in on any tuition sessions.

Please contact us for further information, including our times and hourly rates.